Research overview: Reaching and influencing b-to-b buyers

July 30, 2014 – Business-to-business decision makers tend to be conservative white males, mobile-savvy but using phones and tablets primarily for email, and reachable via traditional media channels, according to a review of 10 studies of b-to-b decision makers by The report, “Reaching and Influencing B2B Buyers and Decision-Makers,” gathers demographic and preferential survey results from a range of sources, including ABM’s own Value of B-to-B research.

Using a CMO Council study, the report identifies three stages that comprise the buyer journey: Awareness, Evaluation, and Purchase. Trade publishers and research reports ranked highly in the first stage of the journey, but for making specific purchases, tech specs and data sheets were number one.

Among the other takeaways from the report:

 — Demographically, b-to-b buyers increasingly skew towards conservative white males.

 — Decision-makers have adopted mobile devices and often use them for email.

 — The vast majority of buyers can be reached with traditional media.

 — They tend to rely most on websites and print magazines to research purchases.

For more takeaways, and the data behind them, the report is available as a 26-page, $99 download.

By Michael Moran Alterio


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