Three strong B-to-B verticals continue to find value in print

Since the Great Recession of 2008, print media in general, and especially advertising-supported print media, have faced the challenge of the new information landscape in different ways. Some traditional ad-based companies have found ways to charge readers and users for their information, especially information distributed in new formats and media. Some have found ways to better serve marketer partners, moving beyond advertising to marketing services and lead generation. And some publishers — indeed, some entire vertical markets — have found ways to remain viable by continuing to sell print advertising.

Print remains a huge piece of the business-to-business media economy. For the entire industry, 29 percent of all revenue comes from print advertising. For some verticals, even after declines, the revenue remains huge.

Here is a look at monthly print revenue for three important vertical markets: healthcare and pharmaceuticals, technology, and agriculture. Even when there have been year-over-year declines, the total revenue remains important; moreover, those declines are not as astounding as those in some industries, and compared with consumer magazine and newspaper publishing. Overall, print revenue fell only 4.8 percent in 2012. For the first quarter of 2013, there was a drop of 6.2 percent, based on preliminary data … which usually skews to underestimate the final revised revenue tally. Some verticals, such as agriculture, saw positive growth over both periods.

This data is based on ABM’s BIN Report, in partnership with by Kantar Media and Inquiry Management Systems (IMS), a technology- and research-based publishing service bureau.

By Michael Moran Alterio


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