Mobile a priority for 79% of publishers

In a survey of business-to-business publishers, 41 percent of those polled reported that pursuing a mobile strategy was “very important,” that is, rating a 7 on a seven-point scale. Another 23 percent rated it a “6,” and 15 percent rated it a “5” — so in aggregate 79 percent of publishing professionals say that a mobile strategy is important.

The poll was conducted as part of ABM’s Value of B-to-B research, a project that polled marketers, publishers and end-users of B-to-B media. Over 130 publishing professionals participated, and 111 answered this question. The publishers wers also asked about the importance of social media, and the results to both questions are here:

Question to publishers: How important do you think it is for companies like yours to pursue each of the following?

B-to-B professionals agree that mobile is growing in relevance, and that having a mobile strategy is important. Most also think that a social media strategy is important, though more emphasize mobile than social.

However, are publishers putting their resources into the digital realm? In fact, 92 percent of publishers produce digital editions of their print magazines. Moreover, 46 percent of publishers put all of their print products online as digital versions. About 8 percent produce no digital editions at all, while 7 percent produce no print editions and are digital only.

That said, these publishers are taking the easy road to start with: they are simply converting existing products to digital form without taking advantage of the options available online. Two-thirds of digital b-to-b publications are static and non-interactive. By leveraging existing content, and even existing layouts and designs, publishers can easily convert their print products for very low cost. These publishers, with static editions of print magazines, are typically not charging for them. They are available online for free, with additional ad exposure offered to marketers as a value-added service.

To download the full report and to see a video presentation of the research results, with more analysis and data from the Value of B-to-B research, click here.

By Michael Moran Alterio


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