ABM research: 74% of B2B media users are decision makers

ABM’s newly released Value of B-to-B report details many ways in which business publishers connect buyers and sellers. Most plainly, of 6,682 business professionals polled, 74 percent say that they are involved in purchasing decisions or supplier selections. 22 percent said that they are not involved in those decisions, and 4 percent did not answer the question.
Sponsored by Adobe Systems Inc. and created in partnership with three marketer organizations, eight trade publishers and a research firm, the Value of B-to-B report also polled marketers and publishers for a full 360-degree look at the ways buyers and sellers interact through b-to-b media. The 2 MB PDF download, including 30 pages of analysis and over 350 pages of raw data, is now available at the ABM website.

So of the 4,968 business media users who say that they make buying decisions, what b-to-b resources do they use when researching work-related purchasing decisions or supplier selections?
Percent of buyers who use each media to research purchases

These decision makers are using trade websites, magazines, events and other print and digital media to research their purchases.

To download the full report and to see a video presentation of the results, with more analysis and research from the Value of B-to-B research, click here.

By Michael Moran Alterio


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