Marketers selling new products pick events over print, 89% to 63%

ABM’s Value of B-to-B research, to be released next week, takes a look at how print magazines, digital media, and events help connect buyers and sellers. ABM’s research shows that marketers place a very high value on trade shows and conferences, especially for lead generation and promoting new products. The research asked marketers to rate the success of several techniques to create awareness of new products and services among existing customers:

Question to marketers: How successful do you feel each of these platforms are for creating awareness of new products or services among existing customers?
Value of B2B Successful Trade Media Platforms

The same pattern was found in assessing techniques to build awareness among new customers. Event attendance was considered successful by 89 percent of marketers seeking to reach existing customers and 90 percent of marketers seeking to reach new customers, for example.

The results displayed above really demonstrate that marketers value face-to-face events — compare especially to radio, TV and out-of-home trade marketing, which proved the least successful tactics for boosting awareness of new products and services.

A similar question, asking about the success of several tactics designed to generate leads, revealed that marketers see events as a huge success in that arena as well. 90 percent of marketers rated event attendance as a successful way to generate leads, and 76 percent cited event sponsorship as successful. Those were the methods that ranked highest, followed by third party webinars, at 65 percent, search engine ads, at 62 percent, and sponsored white papers, at 61 percent.

We also asked marketers to rank media basic performance metrics, and the metrics related to events also rose to the top. 91 percent of marketers cited audience demographics as an important media performance metric, and 85 percent cited event attendance.

The ABM Value of B-to-B research was sponsored by Adobe Systems Inc., conducted by Readex Research, and presented at ABM’s Annual Conference this past spring. A white paper detailing the research will be released on July 31.

By Michael Moran Alterio



  1. SubSiteCentral

    Your graph says 55% of marketers found search engine ads effective, while your copy says 62%. (i.e., “search engine ads, at 62 percent” in the third graph.) Can you clarify which one it is?

  2. malterio

    Thanks for the question — sorry I was not more clear. The graphic refers to “creating awareness of new products or services among existing customers.” 55% of marketers say that search engine ads are effective at that. The third paragraph under the chart refers to a different question, on “tactics designed to generate leads” — and for that question, 62% of marketers thought search engine ads are effective.

    Bottom line: More marketers like search ads for lead gen than they do for pushing new products to existing customers. But events are way more preferred for both.

    Hope that helps!

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