ABM president: Associations must consolidate as industries collaborate

Clark Pettit, ABM president and CEO.

On the day ABM announced that 97 percent of its members approved of its now-official merger with the Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA), Clark Pettit, ABM president & CEO, published a blog post on MediaPost.com warning that more association consolidation is to come – and with good reason.

We’re heading toward a wave of association consolidation,” wrote Pettit. “It’s inevitable and it’s important. It’s inevitable because business models are overlapping, so more companies need access to ideas, information, resources and people outside their silos. It’s a simple matter of supplying what customers demand. It’s important because associations are the mechanism through which top executives can understand the models – and meet the players – they need to create complete solutions. At their best, associations should be the nexus of creative labs and cauldrons.”

Pettit also writes that as technology and solutions evolve rapidly, consolidated associations will rise to the top as they will have more resources and a breadth of knowledge from multiple and complementary industries.

“Industry executives are confronting increasing complexity, which they have to figure out in less time. They need more support from complementary businesses to keep their customers satisfied. Yet they have less time to devote to developing foresight and connections by participating in association meetings. That’s a prescription for fewer, bigger, more diverse associations, following the same integrated model that’s remaking marketing itself.”

Click here to read the full blog post.


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