ABM’s Executive Forum: Drive recurring revenue

If 2011 ended on a high note for b-to-b advertising across all media, the first half of 2012 indicates a slight slowdown in ad spend (although nothing as bad as many people seem to have feared, with most channels still showing positive growth and ABM’s own BIN numbers showing first half 2012 up over first half 2011). Advertising remains the backbone of much of b-to-b media, but increasingly the value of a company in the b-to-b space is being driven by two factors: the amount of revenue driven by new products and the amount of stable, predictable revenue that can be counted on month-to-month, quarter-to-quarter and year-to-year.

ABM’s 2012 Annual Conference focused on the Customer-Driven Future—turning audience data into understanding and turning audience understanding into action (for videos of Annual Conference presentations, including ABM CEO Clark Pettit’s keynote on “B-to-B Media’s New Journey,” click here). Now ABM’s upcoming Executive Forum, which runs Oct. 21-22 in Chicago, will focus on monetizing that audience.

Highlights include:

Bloomberg’s take
The event kicks off with Bloomberg chief content officer and BusinessWeek chairman Norm Pearlstine sharing his vision for how content and business information-driven companies can succeed in the age of disruption, from the dramatic reorganization that set Bloomberg on its current path of success to how media companies can capitalize on the opportunity in business information.

Data versus ad dollars
A roundtable discussion featuring Andrew Sollinger, managing director of the Americas for Financial Times, Jeff Killeen, CEO of GlobalSpec and Absolom Kotulski, vice president of strategy and development, McGraw-Hill Commodities and Commercials Markets Division, will debate whether data and business intelligence are worth more than advertising when it comes to revenue, margins, company valuations.

The REAL paid content opportunity: Corporate sales and packages
Paid content has potential but do we really want to trade chasing ad dollars for chasing individual subscribers? Metered models require scale to succeed, while packages old at the corporate level, and licenses for multiple products, offer a high margin, predictable revenue stream. Kevin Worth, CEO of The Deal, will show how the consolidation of multiple paid products into the creation of The Deal Pipeline completely reinvented the franchise as one of the most successful digital paid content models to date. Bill Carter, former vice president of Thomson Reuters and now president of ALM, will share his insights on creating a business information service and selling it on the corporate level.

Data, data everywhere: now how to get customers to drink?
Every b-to-b media and information company is submerged in data—but not all data is worth the same. Bill Ault, president of Equipment Data Associates (EDP) and Rob Norris, vice president of sales with EDP, will offer a crash course into what executives and “doers” need to know about creating data products for both end-users and advertisers.

The trifecta of live events, data and marketing services
Live events are the largest revenue stream for many b-to-b players, while data and marketing services are among the biggest opportunities. Benny DiCecca, CEO of Wellesley Information Services, will show how his company is combining all three to grow value for both end-user and marketer alike.

Creating a community of paying members
Community success—particularly in social media—has been defined by scale. Followers, friends and likes—these are all great from a branding perspective but what if you could create a community that members pay to join? Michael Wolf, vice president at GigaOM and Craig Baxter, managing director of HDI at United Business Media, will share their how they have created communities that people want to pay to be a part of by offering premium content, exclusive research and peer-to-peer networking opportunities, both digitally and face-to-face.

Finding hidden revenue: 10 untapped areas you already own
New products drive revenue but they also require dedicated resources and time to bring to market. But b-to-b companies are already sitting on the data, the content and the audience to drive new revenue streams with little risk. Ed Coburn, publishing director of the media division of Harvard Medical School and executive director of the Mequoda Advisory Board, will show how stepping back and reassessing your portfolio can yield 10 new areas for making money from products you already offer.

Advertisers, we still love you
Advertising is vital—but closing the sale is harder than ever. In “How Premium Data and Information Services Drive Ad Dollars,” Government Executive Media President Tim Hartman and IDG Enterprise CEO Michael Friedenberg will show how going the extra mile with market and customer data drives marketers to boost their spend.

For full information on the event and to register, click here.

By Matt Kinsman


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