B-to-B media salaries forecast to rise 3% in 2012

The economy is getting better, and media companies are keeping step with this overall trend, according to the 2011 ABM/MPA Media Compensation Survey released last month. As the most recent unemployment numbers point to an improving economy, salaries at business-to-business media companies are rising as well. Compensation packages that had been reduced to record lows are now rebounding to mid-2000 levels.

The increases, however, are relatively modest, in line with the slow recovery. Base salaries continue to see modest gains, with 2011 and 2012 projected merit budget increases of 3 percent across all employee groups. CEO base salaries are also up about 3 percent, although total cash compensation is up 17 percent. Total cash compensation is the sum of annual salary, bonus and other cash compensation payments from variable pay programs.

Publisher base salaries are up about 3 percent, with total cash compensation up 20 percent, based on data from 54 publishers at 11 ABM member companies. Editor base salaries are up 4 percent on average, with total cash compensation of 15 percent, based on data from 178 editors at 15 ABM companies.

The 2011 American Business Media / Magazine Publishers of America Compensation Survey Report was issued by Towers Watson, a global consulting firm with special expertise in human resources. Including data from about 50 companies and 7,400 employees in 175 job titles, the survey reveals the latest compensation trends for media professionals. Only participating members are eligible to receive the full report. However, ABM members can still participate in the survey and receive a copy of the final results (although it will not include their data). To do so, contact Towers Watson compensation analyst Kevin Kraus at 914-289-3389 or e-mail kevin.kraus@towerswatson.com.

Posted by Michael Moran Alterio, based on data provided by Towers Watson.


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